Titelbild Time to Groove - Volume 3 (2024)

Time to Groove - Volume 3 (2024)

With 'Time to Groove - Volume 3' I finally complete my album trilogy. This collection of own compositions explores the broad spectrum of acid jazz and connects them all with an irresistible groove that can be felt in every piece. In the third album, dedicated to the compact disc era, the music combines the glamour and splendour of pieces from that era with contemporary elements. Here, electronic sounds increasingly find their place and give the songs a more modern touch. It will be available f...

Titelbild Time to Groove - Volume 2 (2024)

Time to Groove - Volume 2 (2024)

Time to Groove - Volume 2" continues my three-part series. In collaboration with a select group of musical companions, this album presents a collection of exclusively original compositions from the broad spectrum of acid jazz. The central element that connects them all is the irresistible groove that can be felt in every piece. The focus of the second album in the trilogy is on pieces that could have appeared on good old audio cassettes. It will be available from all digital music providers f...

Titelbild Time to Groove - Volume 1 (2023)

Time to Groove - Volume 1 (2023)

On 30 November 2023 the time has finally come - my latest album "Time to Groove - Vol.1" will be released. In 2020, when the world stood still, I used the time to work out many song ideas that had been buzzing in the back of my head for some time. In the last few years, I was also able to win over many friends again who contributed their part to this project. As the title suggests, there have been so many great songs that they just don't all fit on one album. In fact, there are so many songs tha...

Lucy goes Gansta (2023)

The film is just like the title: somehow cool and funny. A children's film, for which I was also part of the production team, has had its long-awaited theatrical release after a long time. The film will be released in cinemas throughout Germany on 2 March 2023. Even though the target audience is actually 8-10 year olds, you can also watch the film as an adult and have a lot of fun.

100 years Trauth (100 Jahre Trauth) (2011)

To mark the 111th anniversary, we have now uploaded the full-length film to YouTube. "100 Years of Trauth" documents the history of the confectionery company Eugen Trauth & Söhne, founded in 1911. With numerous interviews in dialect, interspersed with images from production, sales and historical pictures, not only the history of the family business is told, but also a piece of contemporary history of the southern Palatinate town of Herxheim. In this way, many regional peculiarities, charm a...

Einfach fühlen, einfach sein

A new song with the incomparable and unique Jasmin Perret has just been finished. And we also made a quick music video for it. "Einfach fühlen, einfach sein" ("Simply feel, simply be") is a ballad that just fits these times now. It's also one of the first German-language songs Jasmin and I have done together in all these years. Have fun with it.