Premiere and Concert

Almost exactly two years after the shooting, the official premiere of the film "RaviGauly - Indian Music from the Palatinate" is finally taking place. Since the tickets for the premiere on December 7th are already sold out, there will be another performance on December 8th, 2019 at 19:00 with a subsequent concert at the Regina Cinema in Germersheim.
More Informationen about the event here.

CUTI - Killer on the road

How do you get a turtle, a beetle, a spider, footage from a drone and a shotgun into one video? Here's the result: a not very serious music video of the jam formation "CUTI", which was made this year in the vineyard.

By the way, there is also a Best Of album of the formation at all usual suppliers (e.g. Amazon). Just look for "CUTI - Best of 2008 - 2018". Have fun.

Titelbild The Many

The Many

As someone who grew up in a Europe of open borders and who treats each of his fellow human beings with the same respect, the trends in today's world are frightening. It is always said that all people are equal. So let us live it that way! It is time to send out a signal and to stand up for a just, open and supportive society in which I want to live. The diversity we have on this planet is an enrichment for each of us, in our lives, in our actions and trade and also in art. Therefore I am the fir...

The JIC - Just in Case (2019)

The first album of "The JIC" with the title "Just in Case" is finished. Ten tracks, partly with strings, partly as a trio take the listener on a journey. "Highway back home" gives a first impression. The album is now available as a digital download or stream from all the usual providers.
More info about the trio at (in German).

Hiwwe wie Driwwe (2019)

After more than four years of work the time has finally come: the documentary by Benjamin Wagener and myself with the title "Hiwwe wie Driwwe - Pfälzisch in Amerika" is finally finished. On 13.4.2019 the premiere will be at the Universum-Kinocenter in Landau. Afterwards a premiere tour starts, during which even the protagonist Douglas Madenford travels specially from the USA. So it's worth coming!
More information at:

Titelbild One the Rhodes again (2017)

One the Rhodes again (2017)

It took quite a while, but finally it’s finished: my new CD „On the Rhodes again“. As with „Back in the Groove“ I was able to win many friends for the recordings. After the CD had been finished for a while, in October 2018 the CD will finally be released digitally on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Deezer and others. Have fun listening!