Time to Groove - Volume 1 (2023)

Titelbild Time to Groove - Volume 1 (2023)

On 30 November 2023 the time has finally come - my latest album "Time to Groove - Vol.1" will be released. In 2020, when the world stood still, I used the time to work out many song ideas that had been buzzing in the back of my head for some time. In the last few years, I was also able to win over many friends again who contributed their part to this project. As the title suggests, there have been so many great songs that they just don't all fit on one album. In fact, there are so many songs that I will be releasing a trilogy. The first album, "Time to Groove - Vol.1" has a feel of a record from the late 70s and takes the listener on a varied journey through different musical styles of that era and beyond.

Single videos will soon be available on YouTube. The complete album will be available from 30 November wherever digital music is available.

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